Friday, April 19, 2019

The Most Versatile Skirt

I discovered the circle skirt a few years ago when I decided to sew one, since then they have been staples in my closet. I adore the cute look that slims your waist and accentuates a woman's figure! Also, it is one of the most versatile skirts I have seen, you can dress it up or down. If you are interested in me selling them comment bellow. Here's a video from my IGTV of an outfit for EVERY season styled with one circle skirt! Enjoy :)

Three Tips for Coming Home

After a long day of travel there is really nothing anyone wants to do besides crash and take a nap on that bed you missed so much- which is perfectly acceptable if you arrive home at night. However, if you get home during the day then it’s back to business. Here’s my top three tips on getting back to every day life:

1.     Unpack. This is the most important in my mind. To unpack is to move on and put the trip away. If I arrive home anytime besides night my first mission is to unpack and begin laundry. If I don’t right away that suitcase will remain full until I desperately need what’s inside of it- and so its best to get it done right away. This also tells your mind that you are home now and will take the burden of unpacking off your list of to dos (which seems like sadly long list whenever you come home from a trip).

2.      Eat well. We’ve all been guilty of using vacation as an excuse to eat whatever looks good but once your home don’t let this habit continue. The morning after I get back I like to make a healthy smoothie. I find this to be a good way to start the day off and detox after being away eating foods that are not usually in my diet- including the resentable “plane food”.

3.      Get back on schedule. Jet lag is real and only gets stronger if you fall to its powers. If you arrive during the day stay awake until your usual bed time. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in a different time zone for even longer. Somethings I like to do stay awake are unpack, exercise or go for a walk, and do some work. 

Hope these tips help you get back to daily life! 

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