Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why I love shopping in Soho: The Power of Image

What fashion lover doesn't enjoy simply strolling through stores to see what they carry? I can say I do, and there is no better place than surrounded by the elegant, candy colored buildings of Soho. The storefronts stand bedecked with brands that promise a well curated stock. Businesses know who their customers are in Soho. Between the shops sit a small grocery store with fresh produce, cold pressed juices, and other delectable items the area's target market (including models, fashionistas, and more) desires. I belong to this classy, target group making these streets one of my favorite shopping locations. The small, H&M holds not a jumble of messy, cheap garments as most do but instead its pieces are reminiscent of the classic but still in Aritzia store (one of my favorites!) down the street. This means they are elegant, and of a better quality. Moreover, the store is clean and organized because the shopping experience is emphasized in the design of these shops. The previously mentioned Aritzia even contains a free cafe for customers. The stores here have a collective style like this, each with its own flare, making it easy for one of us who it is made for to stop in and find fantastic items. They have together created a Soho image which leads the area's popularity to prevail even in the times of online shopping.

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