Friday, March 8, 2019

De-Stress Travel Checklist

To all those who stress in  their Lyft to the airport here is a travel check-list to ensure your prepared.

One-Week Before

At one week before, prepare your clothing and get an idea of everything you need to bring. This makes it so there no last minute rushes to the store.
  • Check the weather (Sunny? Make sure you have sunscreen, Cold? Add gloves and hats to your packing list)
  • Create a laundry plan (Any dry cleaning? Send it in now)
  • Know generally what clothes to bring (or fully plan outfits if your like me)

One-Day Before

At one day before you need to make sure you know what your bringing and if you leave in the morning pack.)
  • Here are some commonly forgot items:
- Undergarments (Plan lingerie with you outfit )
- Sleepwear
- Sunglasses
- Rain coat (if needed)
- Gloves & Hat (if needed)
- Toothbrush
  • Prepare your cosmetic bag (Forcing yourself to pull out each item as you need it over the next day will remind you if you forgot anything)
  • Hang up your airplane outfit so you can get ready fast

One-Hour Before 

Almost out the door! Here’s what you might have forgotten to throw in your bag:
  • Chargers (Phone, tablet, computer, camera, etc)
  • Cosmetic bag (Check you bathroom counter!)
  • Glasses 
  • Wallet 

Bon voyage!


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