Saturday, March 16, 2019

How to Have Energy While Traveling

Long times spent in trains, planes, and automobiles are bound to wear anyone out. Yet, I have discovered a few simple tricks to keep my energy up while away whether it be a business trip or vacation!

1. Hydrate. This is potentially the most important tip on this list. Travel- especially by air- will dehydrate your body, therefore you have to compensate by increasing you water intake. I aim for two too three liters a day (about 4-6 regular sized water bottles). How I do this is easy! Instead of ordering soda simply ask for water or tea. Trust me after awhile you won’t miss the carbonation. Also, if I don’t bring a water bottle then I buy a skrew-off cap one at the airport and refill it though out my trip, this way I always have water with me.

2. Adjust to the time zone. Once on the plane, begin sleeping to other time zone’s schedule. For example, if your flight lands in the morning then sleep on the plane. Then, when you arrive stay awake. It’ll be hard as first but if your having trouble keeping your eyes open then go for a walk and explore whatever new location you are in! Remember the enemy is comfy places and sitting down- they guarantee your passing out.  

3. Eat well. We all know there are McDonalds everywhere and restaurants abroad have menus that you can’t even pronounce but don’t fall into the fast food curse. The high sodium, high refined carbohydrates, and low protein will dehydrate and make you tired. Go out and try some local cuisine! (This does not mean live of croissants in France as much as we all may want to :) )

4. Get moving. When I was little and traveled internationally my dad would lead the family on “forced marches” to keep us awake. Now, even without my family I keep up the tradition. I love walking around seeing a new city! Also, travel is no reason to stop working out. Especially on vacation I like to take the extra time to exercise so when I come home I feel completely rejuvenated. 

Above all else do not say “I’m not tired”- it’s a jinx I swear!

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