Saturday, March 23, 2019

Closet Essentials: White Sneakers

It is known that in Italy there is always a certain white sneaker “in”. Until I moved to Arizona I never understood this, why would anyone want a shoe that gets dirty so fast?? However, now I’ve learned- while living in a dryer environment- what a key item a set of white sneakers can be. Their classy but comfortable and gives an instant style boost. Moreover, they make your casual outfit more sophisticated- perhaps simply because you have white shoes and can keep them white makes you appear more composed. Now to answer the biggest question of how to keep them clean: buy leather or faux leather. Faux leather is much easier to wipe off than canvas, looks more luxurious and fashionable. If you do live in Oregon or- some other wet area- these are perfect summer shoes that go with everything so don’t shy away! Ready for a pair of white tennis shoes that match everything? Here’s some of my favorites!

What I Own
Tommy Hilfiger - Two Sneakers
The sock and gold details really set this shoe apart and add a fun flare!
High end
Dior - Walk'n'Dior low-top Sneaker in white
I tried these on last October in Rome and LOVED them!

Middle Range
Cole Haan - Women's GrandPro Tennis Lace-Up Sneakers
If there is one brand I trust buying shoes from its Cole Haan, I have repurchased shoes from them many times and the quality is impeccable!

Converse - Chuck Taylor All Star Low Leather Sneaker
Why not a classic converse?


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