Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Shopaholic's Guide to Buying Less

I am a shopaholic. I loving looking at clothes, trying them on, and taking them home. Ever since I was little I have enjoyed strolling through stores. Yet, I have learned control and often do go looking without buying all because of the golden rule: Quality over quantity. Here are a few tips to tame your inner shopaholic make more valuable purchases!

1. Put it on hold. Stores are designed to make you want to buy everything at the moment and sales associates are talented at convincing shoppers to do so. This why I put clothes on hold it. Gives time to walk away and decide if you really want it. Also, who knows, maybe you'll find something in another store that you like better. If you still have a strong desire to buy it when your done shopping then go ahead!

2. Plan outfits & Have a style. Before you buy a piece make sure it works with your closet. Think of possible outfits- the more versatile the better! To make this easier know your style and have a color palette. For example, I dress in mainly natural colors (black, white, beige, etc), so when buying clothes I gravitate to these tones which will go with other many pieces of my closet.

3. Save money for when you'll be in shopping destinations. If you know you need more clothes- but not urgently- and have a trip planned to a location with more shops then are available in your hometown then wait. Then, take sometime to visit these stores and have fun on your trip! Some of my favorite shopping locations include: Soho in New York, Palma de Mallorca in Spain, Los Angeles in California and  London in the United Kingdom.

4. Shop with the right people. Everyone knows a King or Queen of pressure who will go to no end to convince you to "have fun" and "go crazy"- these are not the people to shop with. You do not want to be pressured into buying something you don't need or truly want. Instead, go with someone who knows your style well and will make for a good time!

5. Save your money. If you don't love it and don't need it then don't buy it. Instead of buying those kinda cheap looking tops that only work with one pair pants you own save your money and invest later on in a better quality piece you really like!

6. No "what ifs". Yes, we all know that someday you might get a chance to wear that one cool piece you had to buy "just in case"  but honey, its been years. Do not buy something unless you know when and how you could wear it.

Have fun shopping!

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