Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Courtesan Top

I am happy to present The Courtesan top- my newest creation. This lace-up top with airy, peasant-style, sleeves was inspired by the beauties of 16th-century Italy who refused to give up their lives to loveless marriages. Instead, they used wit and charm to steal the hearts of weal-off men and earned a living for themselves. Courtesan were the most educated and cultured women, yet, only allowed the privilege of education because they sold themselves. They represent women who found power in the deepest of oppression and may their methods be degrading, it was their only chance at truly living.
I cannot wait to wear this beautiful top this Summer! It is unique but still classy and chic- perfectly my style! Comment if you would be interested in me selling more similar to this top :)


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