Wednesday, November 22, 2017


No cruise is complete without a night of dining in wears that turn ladies into princesses...This Kenzie Kay gown flows in the intense gusts that roll though ships on the Mediterranean, the sparkles reflect glowing sunsets, and create era of elegance that transports one into a dream or movie like state of mind.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Welcome to Monaco! The tiny country with more Lamborghini than Ford cars, there is no better place to wear a white silk sundress for a day of summer fun! First task was an easy ride from Cannes to Monte Carlo and for the rest of the day the only plan was to get lost in Monaco! Of course we headed to find the Casino Monte Carlo which is a surprising difficult feat in such a small area but trying to find a hidden place is one of best ways to truly explore a city. Exploring that leads to a near run-in wit a Ferrari (which makes for some lovely close up photos!), the discovery of excellent views, ice cream as grand as a queen's gown, and more!

White silk sundress designed and made by me...

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