Tuesday, September 6, 2016

STYLE ALERT: All Tied Up???!

Why is it getting colder? Just yesterday it felt like mid-summer, but no fall's almost here and the cold weather clothes are coming out, gladly though in a very stylish way. The ladies of the world of fashion are choosing to keep warm in the cooling weather is styling their necks in beautiful, but quite practical ways. Firstly, turtlenecks are EVERYWHERE, you can't walk into a shop without spotting at least one display of these fall/winter favorites. Second, going to show that almost any clothing or accessory that fits our neck is coming into fashion is thin scarfs. You'll find small scarfs on everything and everyone. These, about five centimeter wide, scarfs are attached to tops, dresses, and can be bought alone. Lastly in the mighty trio of neck covering fashion essentials for this fall are chokers. Now they may not do much to keep you warm but they'll do everything to frame your face and bring out your most beautiful features. So this fall simply look in the mirror before you leave the house, do you have some accessory tied around your neck or perhaps a turtle neck gracing your figure, yes? Then you're good to go. ~ Kenzie XOXO

*Where have you seen this style? Comment below and tell me!"



  1. I have always loved turtlenecks! I loved that they are back! Great suggestions!!

  2. Great suggestions. I love turtle necks and cowl necks too . They frame your face so nicely. If you pick a rich fall hue it will accentuate your skin tones and make your eyes really pop. I haven't worn turtle necks in awhile and I'm so glad you suggested it. I'm going to be on the lookout for some interesting styles this fall ! Love your new fashion blog. I am a fan . Keep up the great work young lady.

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