Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Creation of a Garment

If you do not already know -as it is probably what lead you to my blog- I am a fashion designer. Since I was nine years old I have designed/sewn unique, and fashionable clothing ranging from Brit worthy trench coats to red carpet gowns. Most of my past work was couture (made for the client) however I  have dabbled a bit in the world of Prêt-à-Porter (ready-to-wear). Though lately I have been exploring a even different realm, blogging. Today I have decided to give you all a behind-the-scenes look at how I create garments (I'm just about start two new pieces!). Here is the basic process I go through:

1. Designing: For me this part tends to come naturally, I think of a piece, draw it, and if I believe it is a unique enough design I keep it. Only about 0.01% of my designs ever actually get to come to life in full fabric form so a lot of thought goes into choosing which looks I will actually create. Many people ask what my inspiration is and I have trouble answering. This is because my 'inspiration' is A. always changing and, B. not always identifiable, or C. sometimes I don't even have one. However, I like to say I am inspired by the world around me -which pretty much covers everything-.

2. Mock-ups: A mock-up is a version of the garment made out of cheaper fabrics -not always even fully sewn-. It is the prototype made to see how the end result will look and fit to help the seamstress 
-in my case me- figure out how to sew the piece without wasting expensive fabric.

3. Fabric: Now, some people do this step first, which I have tried before, however, I tend to do it after the mock-up. This step is the one where you go to all the local fabric stores and search desperately online for your dream fabric. During this step the design is often slightly altered to fit the resources available even though when the garment was designed there was fabric in mind, it frequently changes.

4. Cut-out & sew: Almost always the longest step, it is the actual putting together of the piece which could take mere hours or months. I often use the pieces of my mock up and transfer them to a semi-opaque paper and then use that as a pattern when cutting out of the final material.

5. Final touches: Pressing, sewing in the tag, and fit adjustments are just some of the last things to do before the final piece is complete.

Honestly, when a piece is completed and it fits better than a glove it is the most amazing thing in the world. This is just a basic outline of the process of creation of a garment -minus fittings, dealing with fit, etc- however, I hope it gives you all a little look into the work that goes into making clothing.

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