Monday, July 18, 2016

STYLE ALERT: Reflective Sunglasses

Hi all! Recently I have seen -everywhere- reflective sunglasses -usually in light colors- and I am in love with them! Many other bloggers, celebrities, and models have been wearing them and they look fantastic. What does this mean? This summer might be a good time to upgrade your sunglasses and get a pair of sleek, metallic, and light colored sunglasses. Many major style influencers (and the people of the general public!) have been investing in this trend. Keyword 'investing' meaning this style is here to stay for awhile. Why not try on a few? Some of my favorites linked below!
Glow Glam XO

The Kript Store
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  1. For safety purposes, high visibility colors and reflective stripes are going to make you far more visible. Safety vest

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