Thursday, July 14, 2016

How to Wear Perfum

Honestly, doesn't everyone want a light pretty aroma that follows them everywhere, not a strong stench that smells like a department store perfume hall but a delicate pleasant scent.? Here some of my tips on application to make your perfume last long as possible!

Where: I've heard a lot about putting perfume on your pulse point so that the scent is pushed off and into the air. However, I've found this to make little noticeable difference. Instead, simply apply where you think people will smell it most. I usually go around my neck and leave it at that. You can also spray some in your hair (or on your brush). Another good place is at your wrists, which works for some but the scent is likely to fade with hand washing. Lastly, I find a quick mist of perfume is always nice. Simply spray once out in the air and walk through it. 

How much: No one wants people to need gas masks when around them. Three sprays are usually a good amount to be noticeable but still pleasant.

When: Perfume lasts longest when you put it on after a shower on top of a neutral or same scented moisturizer. Also, depending on the perfume, it can last 1 to 12 hours. With short lasting perfumes you can carry an atomizer around in your purse so you can re-apply. just PLEASE DO NOT SPRAY IN PUBLIC it is very irritating when people do this and leave everyone around them coughing.

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