Monday, July 11, 2016

5 Things You Simply Must do in London

Hello all! I have decided to do a little series of posts on my favorite city London, England. I love many things in London, here are 5 of my favorites, I would recommend anyone who is traveling there to try a them all!

1. Go shopping at Harrods: The clothes (and great collection of designer wear) are one thing, but you simply cannot ignore the magnificent food courts of Harrods. The rows and rows of delightful looking treats and fantastic array of flavors presented makes it easy to lose control.

2. Visiting the gardens: I mentioned my love of the gardens and parks in London in my previous London post. However, I cannot recommend visiting them enough! My favorites are Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park.

3. Experience Hamleys: No matter your age, anyone can enjoy Hamleys, the seven story toy store in the heart of London. With staff showing off impressive toys and even a little salon for young ladies it's easy for everyone to like Hamleys.

4. Go grocery shopping: I know that you go on vacation to get away from grocery shopping and cooking, however, the food shopping in London is actually a bit different from that in the United States. Not only can you get dreamy butter and fluffy breads but it will also save you more than a few pounds by not eating out.

5. Explore a bookstore: Bookstores can be quite fun in London. especially for Americans looking for a little difference in language. Whether you're like me, and just have to get your hands on the original versions of the Harry Potter books, or you forgot to bring a book on your trip, stop in a bookstore and will surely be more than satisfied.(My favorite one is Hatchard's on Piccadilly) 

Hope you all are having lovely days!

*What are your favorite activities in London, England?*

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